Course Schedule & Class Assignments:
All readings for all weeks are required unless specifically marked optional. Readings should be done by the week for which they are assigned. Be sure that your chapter readings are aligned with the subject matter for the week.

Week 1: August 21-23-25
Course Introduction & Syllabus
MLK, “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”:
Earl Babbie, “How to Avoid Plagiarism”: (arrow through the slides)

Week 2: Aug. 28-30-Sept. 1
Gary Wasserman, Basics of American Politics, ch.1;
Michael Parenti, Democracy for the Few (9th ed.), ch. 1

MLK Reflection Paper due any day this week based on MLK’s Letter above (350-word minimum typed reflection with word count on top)

Week 3: Sept. 8-10 (College closed for Labor Day on Mon, 9/4)
Wasserman, ch.2 & Appendix (U.S. Constitution);
Parenti, ch. 2

Week 4: Sept. 11-13-15
Wasserman, ch.3;
Parenti, ch. 16;
optional: Parenti, ch. 17

Week 5: Sept. 18-20-22
Wasserman, ch.4;
Parenti, ch. 15

Project Proposals due any day Week 5 or earlier (typed)
Your typed project proposal of any length should, at a minimum, include the following 3 things: (1) specify which option and topic you plan to pursue, (2) how it relates to American Government/Politics, and (3) why you want to pursue that path.

Week 6: Sept. 25-27-29
Wasserman, ch.5;
Parenti, ch. 18

Week 7: Oct. 2-4-6
Civil Rights & Civil Liberties:
Wasserman, ch.6;
Parenti, “Free Speech—At a Price”,
Film: When Hate Happens Here (reflection paper due next week)

Week 8: Oct. 11-13 (No classes on Mon, 10/9 for Flex Day)
Elections, Voters, & Political Parties:
Wasserman, ch.7;
Parenti, ch. 14

Midterm Exam Review on Friday

WHHH Reflection Paper due any day this week (350-word minimum typed reflection with word count on top)

Week 9: Oct. 16-18-20
(Sec. 19, 77064): Midterm Exam on Mon, 10/16 at 2:10 in Cloud 259
(Sec. 11, 70800): Midterm Exam on both Mon, 10/16 at 12:10 (Part 1) & Wed, 10/18 at 12:10 (Part 2) in Cloud 258
Film in class on Fri, 10/20 at 12:10 – open to both sections

Week 10: Oct. 23-25-27
Mass Media:
Wasserman, ch.8;
Parenti, ch. 13;
Noam Chomsky, “What Makes Mainstream Media Mainstream”,–.htm

Guest Presentation by Sonja Huang on Mon, Oct 23.

Week 11: Oct. 30-Nov.1-3
Who Governs? Perspectives on Power:
Wasserman, ch.9;
Parenti, chs. 6 & 12

Week 12: Nov. 6-8 (College closed for Veterans Day on Fri, 11/10)
Wealth & Poverty:
Parenti, ch. 4;
Read 3 Homelessness Factsheets:
Film: Streets of Paradise (homework: watch outside of class, then reflection paper due next week)

Week 13: Nov. 13-15-17
Wealth & Poverty (continued):
Parenti, ch. 3

Streets of Paradise Reflection Paper due any day this week (350-word minimum typed reflection with word count on top)

If you chose Option 2 for the Course Project, Research Papers are due any day during Wk 13.

Week 14: Nov. 20-22 (College closed for Thanksgiving on 11/24)
Wealth & Poverty (continued):
Parenti, ch. 5

If you chose Option 3 for the Course Project, your Alternative Projects are due during Wk 14.

Week 15: Nov. 27-29-Dec. 1
Health & Ecology:
Parenti, ch. 8
optional:;; Eco-Eating; No Smoking?
Film: Forks Over Knives (film reflection paper due next week)

If you chose Option 1 for the Course Project, Reflection Journals on your Community Service Learning are due any day during Wk 15.

Week 16: Dec. 4-6-8
Military & Empire:
Parenti, chs. 10-11;
Chomsky, “Noam Chomsky on War and Peace”,
William Blum, “A Brief History of U.S. Interventions”

Forks Over Knives Film Reflection Paper due any day this week (350-word minimum typed reflection with word count on top)

Week 17: Dec. 11-13 (last week of classes)
Democracies in America:
Parenti, ch. 19;
Chomsky, “Radical Democracy”,
Course Conclusion
Final Exam Review

Final Exam (note your section, CRN, and classroom to avoid confusion):
POLS 1, Sec. 19 (77064): Monday, Dec. 18 from 3 – 5 PM in Cloud 259
POLS 1, Sec. 11 (70800): Friday, Dec. 22 from 11 – 1 PM in Cloud 258

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